Labor Law

Services in Labor Law

Severance pay: After discharge of an employee, final settlement, salaries, compensation amounts.

Judicial instance for:

  • Dismissals: Suits for direct or constructive dismissal. Out-of-court negotiations. Transactional agreements.
  • Wage differential: Preliminary and judicial estimate and management.
  • Work accidents and occupational illnesses: Estimated disabilities. Judicial intervention. Management before labor risk insurance companies. Settlement agreements.

Comprehensive counseling to companies:

  • Preventive counseling about labor problems.
  • Reduction in business risks for staff conflicts.
  • Interaction with services companies of temporary employees.
  • Attendance and counseling in any type of hearing (Ministry of Labor, Unions.

Ministry of Labor hearings: Attendance and representation. Execution of settlement agreements. Binding mediation hearings in the City of Buenos Aires (CECLO). Attendance and representation. Execution.

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