Criminal Law

Services in Criminal Law

The services offered in Criminal Law include the following areas:

  • Representation and immediate assistance to citations by the police department and district attorney’s office, arrests, house searches and requisition.
  • Exemption from prison and release.
  • Assistance in during criminal interrogatories.
  • Filing as complainant or victim.
  • Appearance in proceedings in order to prosecute a lawsuit, recommend evidence to the district attorney’s office or examining judges.
  • Appeals and other motions, cassation appeals, appeals before the Supreme Court of Justice.
  • Probation.
  • Criminal Tax Law.
  • Frauds.
  • Smuggling.

Criminal Corporate Law

Considering that today there is a trend in national and international laws developed to extend criminal liability in corporate matters directly to company management, as well as to legal entities, we advise individuals and legal entities on how to prevent and defend criminal cases, whichever the nature of the crime may be, such as corporate frauds, scams, criminal foreign exchange regime, money laundering prevention, criminal customs law, criminal foreign exchange law, criminal tax and social security law, competence defense, cybercrime and piracy, competence defense, crimes against property, criminal trademark law.

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